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Blow wind blow wind

RICHMOND, Va. — Been planning to clean the flat for months now. Had my head in a cloud though, and this weather hasn’t been helping things too much. One morning I’m chipping ice off the glass. The next I’m sweating pails. This morning the pail is snowed under.

All of it has profound implications on my head mood. For example, this writing was started deep last week. The weather changed, I got busy, and now I’m sitting here a week later at 5 in the morning. I can’t guarantee that this next sentence wont be finished until next week. That’s just the way things have been.

Actually: in all actuality, I’ve been feeling pretty bloody fantastic lately. Since before the holidays really. Things have evened out as far as the job goes, and my historical lack of a steady love life is the same as it ever was. There’s no stress in it. The almanac says “blow wind blow,” and I don’t think this global warming we keep reading about will change a damn thing. That’s all right.

I’m sure a big factor in the disposition is the music I have burning in the flat at all hours. I’ve got a pretty decent blues collection, and I am a pretty decent blues man, but I’ve shelved it in favor of KKJZ out of Long Beach. My men will always be the likes of Son House and Otis Rush, but they will abide while I get my fill of saxophone music. And really, how can I resist a station whose jockeys still call out to the cool “cats” of the industry? When was the last time you heard someone be called a cat?

I’m a cat. I have a cat, but that don’t make be a cool cat. I earned my cool cat calling card on my own. Those credentials were forged many years ago. My cat, however, is doing all right. Him an I — we’re all right.

I know, I know: I keep promising a big reveal. A big “this is what I’ve been working on.” I have so many projects I’m working on (and not completing) that my plans for a reveal are always being shelved. And honestly, I’m not ready to let the cat (not the aforementioned) out of the bag. But I feel guilty, a little guilty, and so I’ll throw you a bone. It’s going to be a mighty small bone. That I promise.

I’m working on making Quarg Studio (my web design company) and it’s affiliated concepts into an LLC this past month or so. Previously, I’ve only disclosed publicly the existence of the design side of things. You pay me to build a website, write copy, code something, etc. That’s been my known enterprise since way back. I’ve been doing it for a long while.

But all along I’ve been working on the “content production” side of things. Developing Web sites that are products in themselves (as opposed to Web sites that sell products). I currently own a portfolio of more than 50 domains, and nearly all have an associated project earmarked. These specific sites, and more importantly, these specific earmarks, are not ready to be disclosed. However, I feel bad and so here’s one to try on:

If you do any work on Web sites, any work at all, then you’ll need DNS troubleshooting tools of some kind. There’s a glut of these tools out there. There’s a drought of the really useful tools and also a drought of those easy to understand for those that are not in the DNS know. DNS troubleshooting is admittedly a small niche, but it’s one that can be served better. And that’s precisely what I plan to do. Now 99.99 percent of people that read this space have no use for the sites. That’s fine. All you need to understand is that these tools fit together with companion offerings in the Quarg Studio portfolio. These companion offerings are not ready for prime time.

Last week I released beta versions of Easy IP Look Up and the cornerstone of it all, Easy DNS Look UP. They’re both ugly and both are beta versions. So if you do choose to click on the links, don’t expect too much. And really, don’t expect much if you don’t know about DNS and why having these tools might be useful.

That said, I hope to put both of these guys to bed by the end of the week. If that happens (and your guess is a good as mine) then there will be another reveal in this same great space. This same great time…

“Blow wind blow wind” is from Volume One: Frank’s Wild Years (1983–2009). Written between 2003 and 2009, Volume One was this author’s attempt to find meaning from life as a young twenty-something. While this endeavor would ultimately fail, what remains is a comical tale of loneliness and debauchery.

Follow the river and you will find the sea

Follow the river and you will find the sea

Oscar Facciolo De Soto enjoys a river cruise with his family in Bundesrepublik Deutschland circa 1992.