A sort of life

Volume Three: Rock and Roll Part Three (2015– )

There are 9 stories in Volume Three
  • Find inspiration for your home bar

  • What they said, what they meant

  • A return to a stupid strategy

    I find TBS a compelling companion for a weekend. Olivia Benson, Stabler and the rest. Maybe the Chinese man that brings provisions. These are all things.

  • I really don’t know that guy

    At home is my kitchen piled in the sink. Empty takeout boxes and cartons stacked high. Well balanced. Some teetering. Above the sink are plants that have been thirsty since 2014.

  • Wonky plan contrasts with rivals’ grand ideas

    I'm leaning on the dark corner across the room staring back at me. So far back that my chest plays coaster to a tumbler of scotch. Panama hat pulled low. My palm rests on a beat up cane acquired from some place or other.

  • How to resolve disputes from afar

    And so tomorrow I’ll pull out my pep talk. Share my experience. The resulting wisdom. The stories. The misery. The heartache. And it’s all irrelevant. I can talk, but, the ear is all I have to offer.

  • Not the first choice, but perhaps the right choice

    It's amazing what you can learn about when you ask. Especially from a stranger staring back at you across a margarita and an uneaten appetizer. Stories about the last failed relationship is amateur hour. It's boring. I wanted more.

  • Happiness is such a fickle thing

    And though we've been here before, this time is not at all like before. This time is not depression. I am not depressed. I am not lost.

  • Preface to Volume Three

    This time I'll be more honest. More open. More vulnerable. And I'll start now: I'm still writing for the women that take their clothes off for me.

Follow the river and you will find the sea

Follow the river and you will find the sea

Oscar Facciolo De Soto enjoys a river cruise with his family in Bundesrepublik Deutschland circa 1992.

These days it's hard not to find a great misery in the happiness of others.

First published May 17, 2015